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Valentine’s – La Playa, Jacó, y Cocodrilos

I’m the luckiest!

My lovely loving husband surprised me at the hotel in Manuel Antonio with some Valentine’s Day chocolates—no easy feat considering we’ve spent just about all of our time together. He told me he needed to go to a few stores to find the assortment he wanted, particularly since I love dark chocolate.

After a morning at the beach, we got lucky and saw MORE monkeys in the vines above where we parked. They got up close and personal again(!) and this time we saw a momma/baby monkey.manuel-ant2

As we left Manuel Antonio, we saw a group of people on the side of the road looking up at a sloth!

Our view from the car – the sloth even looked our way =)

We were told by an expat at the nearby hotel/restaurant El Mono Azul that Costa Rica houses ~5% of the world’s biodiversity (Wiki says “nearly 4%” and the Costa Rican embassy webpage says “nearly 6 percent”) – even more impressive considering it makes up only 0.03 of the world’s land mass. Apparently this is just everyday livin’ in the jungle.

Jacó is a touristy beach town. Lucia mentioned more locals head to Jacó because it’s easily accessible from the city by bus (no need for a car, like in Manuel Antonio). jaco

We lunched at a surfer-themed restaurant before heading out to see what the beaches looked like on this side of town. After our beach drive by, we kept on our way back to San José city.

Fajitas for cheese lovers (my kind of dish!)
Fajitas for cheese lovers (my kind of dish!)

jaco-beachOne final pit stop for coffee and crocs on a famous bridge on the Tarcoles river as the sun set. Bryan told us that a drunk guy threw himself from the bridge once, to go “swimming,” and was subsequently eaten by crocs.

Crocs-bridgeWe saw one try to eat a panama style hat that must’ve fallen from an onlooker. He gave it a few bites, but then let it drift down the river. The rest of them were mostly still, occasionally one would slowly open its massive jaws and just hold them there (why? no clue). We also spotted a couple of scarlet macaws, a blue heron, and tons of snowy egrets.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


  1. Hue Hue

    When we were in Costa Rica, I liked how we were provided life jackets on the boat for the alligator filled river!!

    • LOL that way they don’t have to dive down to eat you…(eee)

  2. Ashley Ashley

    Wow!!!what an adventure!!! It’s beautiful!

    • So many animals! And I only got like 7 mosquito bites (win!).

  3. red red

    What a unique and memorable VD!!

    Thanks for sharing all the incredible photos with us and hope your foot heals quickly.

    • Thank you! It really was an incredible experience!

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