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Welcome to the blog about new experiences for a new Crowe (that’s me!).

I’ve already had so many major new experiences/life events recently- in just the past few months I:

  • Quit my job, a first for me
  • Got engaged
  • Packed up and left our Sawtelle apartment – on NYE, I might add
  • Got married(!)
  • Moved to DC (or Arlington, to be exact)

I say “I”, but obviously I couldn’t have done any of it without my husband, the strikingly handsome man in the photo.

I first thought I’d start a blog in order to keep in touch with everyone we love while we travel. Then I thought blogging would be a way to keep busy while Jon works during the week. Now I am realizing that I miss writing (and reading). I used to consider myself an academic. I’d like to do so again, and this is how I’ll start.

Here’s my goal with this blog: to write something every day

This in itself will be just one more new experience, and along the way, you’ll surely be able to live vicariously through us in our upcoming adventures.


  1. Ashley Morales Ashley Morales

    I will totally be living vicariously through you on this adventure! So excited!!

    • jcrowe206 jcrowe206


  2. Eve Eve

    I will keep on with you and I know how funny you are. You make me smile

  3. jack jack

    Hi Sam,

    Very nice!
    Just got into work, received your text on the way in and can’t wait to see the Blog. .
    It’s great being able to read what you two are doing as this new year begins.

    Take care, Love


  4. red red

    Vicarious? THANK YOU for having us along!! Looking forward to laughing with you!
    Much love and hugs!

  5. Barbara Crowe Barbara Crowe

    Welcome to the Crowe Family!!

    • Thanks Aunt Barb!

  6. Ivie Ivie

    YAY!!! Finally reading this epic tale of adventure and mayhem! hahaha Have fun Cuzzo!!! LOVE YOU!!

    • Thanks Ivette, so glad you are! =D Love you too! <3

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