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More Market Talk

Across the street from the 24 Hour Fitness in Falls Church sits an international market called New Grand Mart with a pretty impressive selection. About a week before the blizzard I had to go to 3 markets to find green onions, so seeing the enormous variety of produce readily available seemed luxurious.grand mart

Milk was scarce in the days following the blizzard
Milk was scarce in the days following the blizzard

They even had different varieties of mint and basil to chose from. The winter weather/storms here makes me appreciate the everyday variety I was used to seeing in California.

New Grand has aisles dedicated to regions in the world with imported brands. They had everything from fresh rambutan to packs of Central American tortillas (the thick ones). I contemplated getting Salvi sour cream but thought 16 oz would be a lot of richness for one person to consume quickly. I did get cheese though since keeps longer. About 2 weeks later I am still enjoying it, especially atop mashed avocado+lime.

I think I’ve perfected my sunny-side up eggs too, since I’ve been cooking them almost daily. The trick is to cook them on low-medium heat with a lid on them so the whites set without getting chewy and overcooked. MMmmm…


  1. Ashley Ashley

    Sounds delish! And I so wish I had a Giant International near me!!

    • I saw it again, it’s called “New Grand Mart”! Whoops – my bad!

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