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Rain and Refunds

It’s a rainy day in Arlington. I hear it’s raining in LA too. Being wrapped up in scarves and fleece makes for good day to get down to business. So I filed my and Jon’s taxes this morning and got confirmation from the IRS and CA within the hour that they’ve been accepted. Thank you H&R Block, for making it so easy and quick!

Without the literally freezing temperatures, the snow is melting. The poor snow cat I saw last week is now an un-recognizable lump.

Photo taken yesterday, before the rain



  1. red red

    Bye, snow kitty! It snowed here yesterday just enough to leave white accents on the the evergreen trees. Low 30s days/upper 20s nights.

    Gorgeous indigo blue glass collection!!

    • Thanks! I’ll let the Crowes know – their indigo blue glass IS very beautiful!

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