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Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher stretch along County Clare’s coastline. We first glimpsed them from Doolin, where we boarded a ferry to the smallest of the Aran Isles, but drove the 15 or so minutes from Doolin to see the cliffs up close and walk on the them a bit.

We went around 6pm, there was plenty of daylight, but it wasn’t too crowded as all the day trippers and tour groups already left. Though we didn’t spend much time in the visitor’s center, we did get to see a Crowe coat of arms in a display of the family names of the area—there is a history of Crowes in County Clare (scroll down to see it).

I’ll let the cliffs speak for themselves!

Zoomed in to O’Brien’s Tower.
Looking out to sea from the visitor center path.
Right: There were 321 people with the surname Crowe in County Clare according to the 1901 Census of Ireland.


  1. Patty Crowe Patty Crowe

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing this. Did you look for a Boyles or O’Boyle coat of arms while you were there? That was my mother’s family on her father’s side.

    • Awesome! No, I didn’t know that the family also has ties to the Boyles or O’Boyles.
      I did a search on google and found lots of images of coat of arms, with slight variations: Here is one with a short description:

  2. Eve Eve

    Breath taking cliffs

  3. red red

    The Cliffs are dramatic! You’ll have to share the Crowe coat of arms story some time.

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