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Views Along the Copper Coast

And now, a quick post of pics at Stradbally Cove:

We admired and explored Stradbally Cove for a quick half an hour en route to Cork City from Waterford. There’s signage pointing along the Copper Coast route, and to Stradbally Cove specifically, but the final turn into the cove is quite precise. If you’re off by a few inches when turning through stone pillar/gate thingies that flank the entrance to the cove road, you’ll leave with souvenir scratches on your vehicle.

Picturesque boats on the River Tay, which flows into the ocean here.

It’s lovely to look at. But we saw a sign warning us that the runoff from the River Tay, which empties into the ocean, is polluted (hazardous), making us wary of any contact with the water.

A single informative and bilingual sign on Stradbally Cove (English and Irish) gave a bit of info on the local flora/fauna. There was a table for a picnic too, as well as plenty of flat sandy area to enjoy.

Native Furze/Gorse, Blackthorne, and Hawthorne are all tolerant to sea spray. Introduced plant species such as Beech, Sycamore, Scots Pine, Norse Spruse are not and tend to grow upstream. The red squirrel pictured died out in Ireland centuries ago, but was reintroduced to the area.
River along the Andesite rock and brown shales.

We parked on a sandy knoll, and ended up having a bit of trouble getting out as our front tires sunk in the sand a bit. Thankfully it just took a few minutes of careful reversing and acceleration to make our way out.

Type of terrain where we parked the car.

Even on overcast days, beaches are beautiful.


  1. Eve Eve

    Glad you did not need a tow.
    Nice pictures

  2. Patty Crowe Patty Crowe

    Very nice photos. Nice post. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  3. red red

    Awesome, seeing so many beaches around the world!!

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