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Riding The Beast

Before the Snowmaggedon hype, we thought we would drive up to New York. I’ve never been to NY, and we also wanted to visit a friend in Jersey. Those ideas were quickly quashed and as backup, we thought we might go sightseeing in DC instead. We could make it the 6 or so miles to the city, right? So we thought.

Windshield wiper, like a tiny antennae. No one is going anywhere.

At noonish, we could tell Patty’s car was pretty set on staying where it was, and the street agreed. Despite how it looks, the plow had been down this street 4 times at this point.

Luckily for us, Jon and Raymond came a knockin’ to take us on an adventure with the Beast. Not only that, but they brought me a pair of snow boots to borrow. What a great chance to see DC and all the monuments covered in snow! We were off to ride the Beast into the storm.DSCN2937b

Evidence of the Beast's power
Evidence of the Beast’s power

As Raymond puts it, his truck “doesn’t take no for an answer.” It can go through sloping piles of snowbanks, plow through feet of powder to make a parking space, and make it up a slippery incline, all the while keeping us warm in it’s spacious backseat.

We made it to The Washington Monument, A Castle-looking Smithsonian (art museum?), The Capitol Building, The Lincoln Memorial, The White House, Dupont Circle, Georgetown, and Old Town! A good day indeed.







Found a sled!


La Tomate, Dupont Circle
La Tomate, Dupont Circle


Old Town


Back on our street at the end of the night - can't even see the Beast's tracks!
Back on our street at the end of the night – can’t even see the Beast’s tracks


  1. red red

    How fortunate to have Raymond and his Beast! Come heck or high snow, let new sights continue!! You saw the Smithsonisan “Castle”! It’s on my bucket list. All photos amazing.

    • Thanks! I’ve just posted more pics too =)

  2. Eve Eve

    Yes it is also in some day for me to see.
    Nice for Raymond and his beast to save the day

    • So many museums to see! You’ve gotta take dad to see where they make money =)

  3. Eve Eve

    Cousin we are so happy for you guys!

  4. Ashley Ashley

    Love the pics!!! Makes me want to hike some deep snow just for those awesome sights! Great pics!

  5. red red

    Oh my! Fantastic photos!! Saw on the news this morn how some guys were digging out their driveway in Queens, outside Manhatten. They had made great headway on their own property but the street was unplowed, with cars still buried in snow. Glad you were unhindered!!

    • Yes, luckily Jon’s parents live just one house down from a main highway. Some of the streets STILL look unplowed today!

  6. Jack Jack

    Thanks for the Great photos! so Cold but, so much Fun 🙂 Where is the snowman :O

    • You are absolutely right – I need to get on that!

  7. Ivie Ivie

    That snow looks so beautiful in this 86 degree weather…. =p

  8. I love the shot of the National Monument (the pencil). Its always been my favorite since I was a kid and it never occurred to me that I’ve never seen it during a snowy winter!

    • Thanks! It was a a pretty unique experience, especially as it was still coming down!

  9. Charles Charles

    Lovely pics!

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