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What to do when it snows

Or maybe this should be “what to do when it blizzards.”

There is only one rule: Take advantage of what the weather gods have bestowed.


On night one, this meant snow angels, stalling in a Jeep, and sledding!



Some winds, eh? As a California girl with a limited wardrobe, dressing for the occasion included layering up in two of almost everything. Here’s where I learned I should wear two of everything. Lesson #1: MORE SOCKS. Fleece-lined rain boots kept my feet totally dry, but another pair of socks would have allowed me toes toasty too. Once I asked my dad for some hiking tips. His first response? Bring extra socks.

This is truth.


Lesson #2: WD-40 is a wonderful thing.

20160122_234115-editThat’s what revived Donald’s stalled Jeep. Driving through a bit of deep snow must’ve kicked some up into the engine, promptly melting, causing water to interfere with engine power. Jon Rochefort’s dad came to the rescue – with the biggest truck I’ve ever seen in my life. Thanks Raymond!20160122_234133-edit


20160122_235455-editI’m still not sure what HB stands for, but that’s where we went for the best sledding of the night. Only one picture here, because removing my glove for all of 10 seconds required at least 10 minutes of reheating to regain feeling.


  1. Eve Eve

    That is a big snow angel
    Love your pictures and writing
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Divya Divya

    Enjoyed reading your take!

    • Thanks Divya! =D Missed you this weekend

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