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Chinese New Year in Brussels

It’s the year of the rooster!

Brussels knows how to celebrate. Manneken Pis, the famous water fountain of a peeing boy, gets to wear his new clothes too: a traditional Chinese outfit, just for today.

Today we go to Paris, but before we left, enjoyed the morning by celebrating with some noodles, treats, and a spectacular lion dance!

They had a fruit/veggie carving display along with some carver artists showing their talents live, in the Grand Place (city center). We saw him carve the pumpkin mandala (left). Top Center: lion/squash. Bottom Center: Buddah head/taro. Right: Manneken Pis torso/taro.
Xiao lung bao, spare ribs, chow fun, egg tart (my FAVE), and a waffle. Because if you’re in Brussels, you need a waffle, no matter what day it is.
Lettuce and red envelope in the door, to lure in the lion dance 😉

I’m Chinese so I always say “Chinese New Year,” but it’s really everyone’s Lunar New Year.

As we say in Toisonese, Gung Hey Fat Hoi and Thleen Naan Fai Lok!

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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  1. red red

    So festive! You were into the thick of the celebratory activities! Gung Hay Fat Toy!! Sleen Ngnan Fai Lok!!

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