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The Cube House Concept: it’s worth seeing the inside!

These are living spaces turned not-quite-upside-down. They’re cubes tilted 45 degrees so a corner of each one sits on a hexagonal pole.

From the circle trees of your childhood drawings emerged Piet Blom’s vision of a cube canopy: innovative living spaces with a substantial communal ground area.

The cubes closest to the subway station. The commercial area below these is a casino.
Inside “the canopy” of the complex.
Looking up.

There’s much talk online (ok, on Tripadvisor) about how it’s “not worth it” to pay the 3 euro and see the inside of the one show cube.

But really? First of all, if you’re traveling internationally to be there, why scrimp about 3 euro??

Secondly, what kind of maniacally single-minded (and boring) person can you be to see abnormal cube-houses held up by hexagonal pole-trunks and say to yourself, “that was perfectly enough! I have absolutely no curiosity about what being inside one of those is like”?

Thirdly, if the answer to that is “well i can just imagine it for myself”—well DUH, but someone with likely infinite more architecture/interior design experience than you already thought it out for REALS and you have the opportunity to experience their version, for reals, for just 3 euro.

Aren’t you curious?

When we visited there was no official tour, not even an “audio guide,” not even small plaques around the house pointing out various details/concepts we should note.

But there were 2 smudgy-looking 8.5×11 pieces of regular paper with a description of the house/concept in it. No lamination. No reasonably-sized font. It looked like this might be the result of a Google search and Microsoft Word mixed with a little cmd+c and cmd+v action, followed by an immediate cmd+p.

Seriously, are these from the 90s?

Since above was the best I got, and you are all equally as capable of wiki-ing Kubuswoningen as I am, I’ll let the iPod pictures speak for themselves. Obviously these are for those who aren’t planning on a trip to Rotterdam anytime soon. Otherwise, I’d suggest you just take your three euro and see for yourself.

Left: The stairs going up the trunk into the body of the cube. Right: The downward directed “street house” windows/couch/living area.
Looking out the windows, and at the windows.
The kitchen, also on the “street-house” level.
Up another narrow staircase to the next level with a desk/writing area.
Somewhat deceiving panorama shot. The bed is also in a corner on the second floor (where the desk is). It’s not as spacious as it looks.
Up another set of narrow stairs to the top of the cube!
View from the top of the cube! Right: You can see the desk on the second floor.


  1. Sphoorti Sphoorti

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing, you guys! ☺️

    • Thanks for reading! 😀

  2. Eve Eve

    It looks interesting but not so spacious

    • You got that right!

  3. red red

    Awesome! Definitely would spend 3€ (= ~$3.19, per google) for the experience. Gotta be careful around the low ceilings. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

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